I'm taking a step back from the electronics and reliving my earlier years with an instructable on match rockets. I did not create these, i'm just sharing the idea. These provided hours of fun for me and my friends. Best of all, they are simple, and practically free to build. But as is obvious from the title, these use matches and are rockets, so they do deal in fire. Because of this, a precautionary statement is needed:

WARNING: Match rockets involve fire, and because of that, adult superviosion is required when young children are using the rockets. Always use common sense, and be safe when playing with fire. Always assemble and lauch the match rockets outdoors.

Step 1: Materials

With that out of the way, lets get to it. The first step is to obtain the materials. You will need:
Sheet of aluminum foil (Any size will do)
Box of kitcen matches (Large matches with the wooden sticks work the best)
Piece of wire (about 3 inches in length. You want something thin but rigid. A straightened paperclip works)
Optional: Gas grill lighter
I copied me
That's awesome. I use lighters at my house but i don't know where to buy matches.?
this looks boss i have to make one of them i cant wate thnx
can you make them bigger? <br>
does it only work if u use tin foil could u use paper
I did this but I put tons if Match heads in on foil it didn't end well my eye still hurts
Nice Flame Picture.
That was pure luck that it came out that well. It was actually a little breezy, and my camer kinda crappy with a very slow shutter (It was from when 5 megapixels was a LOT for a digital camera) The stars aligned for that photo

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Bio: Why fix it if it ain't broken? Because it's fun.
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