Step 6: Launch It!

Before launching the rocket, twist it on the launch stand and gently wiggle it in all directions. This is to ensure that it is loose and will come off easily when lit. Then, place the launch stand on the ground. You can use either a match or a grill lighter to ignite the rocket. With the match/lighter lit, hold the flame directly under the match head. The heat will ignite the match material, and with a quiet poof, the rocket will shoot of the stand. If it worked the first time, then thats great! If not, thats not unusual. The rockets can be finnicky, and some will launch beautifully while some will just burst on the launch stand. Keep this in mind, and don't get discouraged if the first couple dont work. 

Other suggestions: The rockets can be used for games as well. My friends and I used to see whose rocket would launch the furthest, as well as set up targets, like a coffee can lying on its side, and see who could get the most rockets to shoot into the can in a certain amount of launches. Just don't use anything living as a target, such as another person, because the rockets can be scalding hot after a lunch, and lead to burns. The launch stand can also heat up, so be careful when handling it.

Congratulations on the completion of your Match Rocket!

Below is a video of the launch. The rocket traveled about 5 feet.

I copied me
That's awesome. I use lighters at my house but i don't know where to buy matches.?
this looks boss i have to make one of them i cant wate thnx
can you make them bigger? <br>
does it only work if u use tin foil could u use paper
I did this but I put tons if Match heads in on foil it didn't end well my eye still hurts
Nice Flame Picture.
That was pure luck that it came out that well. It was actually a little breezy, and my camer kinda crappy with a very slow shutter (It was from when 5 megapixels was a LOT for a digital camera) The stars aligned for that photo

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