Match Rockets!!!!





Introduction: Match Rockets!!!!

I know alot of other people have made this ible' before. But i decided to make my own on "Match Rockets". and i am not liable for any ingurys caused by this ible'.

This is my 1st instructable so please be nice and rate 5 stars.

And i appoligise now for the inconveniant photos... i had to get them off of google and edit them in microsoft paint.

Step 1: Parts!!

1.Matches(of corse)
2.paper clip x1
3.22. cal bullet shell
4.tape pin ( not pictured )
6. stick lighter ( not pictured)
7.common sense

Step 2: Assembally!( I Dont Know How to Spell It Sry )

bent 1 of  the paper clips like 

that... sortof.... umm like an S then bend it in half

Step 3: Tube

now tape the 22. empty shell on like the picture.... but tape it on where the match is in the 2nd pic.

Step 4: Making the Rocket.

look at the pic!!

Step 5: Loading!

put the Rocket in the shell

Step 6: Launch!!!!!!!!!!!

hold Lighter up to rocket head and be carefull it can shoot forward about 10 ft ... or it may expload lol

 and be shure to put out the match rocket after it shoots

Thanks and be safe.

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    10 Discussions

    That is a 223 bullet casing most commonly fired from an ar-15 rifle

    Do you need to use a bullet shell or can you use something else?????????? 

    1 reply

    if u dont have any laying around... if u have a cabellas ... or a shooting range near you, you can ask for a 22. shell and they usually will give u 1 or 2

    Not yet, I'm kind of busy preparing for an upcoming vacation so it might be a while till' I can work on it.....but I will as soon as I get the chance!!! :)