Simple to make and so fun to shoot. Shoots over 10 meters. Outdoors use only!!!Required!!!Use with brains and care!
very interesting one.. <br>
<em><strong>FRICKING AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1</strong></em>
cool! sonyerg, u get the fuse case from a "fusebox" from an old house(like mine lol)
my house is turning 300 next year o.o
Cool, mine is only like twelve, LoL
mine is 11 i think lol not fair your house is older than mine so dont bully it you house bully
Sorry, you get a fail sticker for that.
for what
LoL, indeed!
Happy birthday lolz
LOL<br />
I'll try.
Where is that pic?!!?!?!?!?!?!??!!?!
It won't load onto my computer. It's been doing that with pics lately.
wow that was fast
ok when it works reply or email me dombeef@gmail.com
i know u said look int he fusebox, i looked in the "breaker box" and didnt see any... went to the hardwarew store and the guy hadnt seen anything like it... i took a pic of it with my phone and showed him, he still didnt know... cluie me in on where to get it exactly??
Ryan Dunn, you should use a regular cam..
lol thanks for recognizing the name, im not ryan dunn but im a pretty good fan... and i used the end of a pen, and got my matches taken away.... and thats a good idea but the pic was good anyway
You're welcome. Me too. Ryan Dunn FOREVER!!!
hell yeah!
Could always try a party popper? Enlarge the hole the string was in. I have a fusebox but not that type of fuse. It's rectangular...
drag to top
if it for outdoor use why r u using it inside?!
How does it work? and is it reusable or do u hav to use a new fuse every time?
btw, those cilindrical fuses are called "bottle fuses", ask for them in a hardware store, they might have them.
nvm, got a new fuse.(pulled on the FUSE with the pinchers, not the cap. (btw, I think cilindrical fuses are a European thing, in America you might find them in cubes, and most american houses only have 1 or two main fuses, and no &quot;sub-fuses&quot;, in the end the bigger fuses in a main fuse will work too, but only the electrical company can get at your main fuses, and you can only buy those at special shops.(http://www.thefusecompany.com/index.php?cPath=37 (you can see the difference between european and american fuses there too)) omg long comment.<br/>
i cant seem to get the metal caps off the fuses :( !(btw, i assume you are using a standard 16 amp fuse? or bigger?
Sorry, I must be a little dim today. I don't get exactly what those "fuses" are.
i made one out of a highlighter cap it works great. <br/>p.s. my parents r pissed at u i burned a hole in my hardwood floor =]<br/>
thats a strong match of yours when launched liek this they dont burn really long as soon as they land they go out
How can i fire the match?
I know how to fire it and it work great!
This is too dangerous i suggest you use match rockets.
that is a great way to start a forest fire
where can i get the fuse
I made one out of a pen body. use hot glue on the match heads and they go farther.
wrap the end in string and dip it in petrol
Where can i get that bottle thing or what he calls it a "fuse"?
Y u say outdoors use only but you yourself use it indoors? That's stilla really awesome match shooter!
This is awsome, but you really need to add the steps. Good job anyways.
ok, hope that I can add those tomorrow. Thanks.
lookes more like a ROMAN CANDLE. Very awesome!!!!!!!!

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