Introduction: Match Dispencer

Picture of Match Dispencer

You use matches alot?

Need a last minute gift?

well this ible is for you and you recycle =D

Merry christmas


Picture of GET THE GOODS

youll need

*a box of matches
*a knife
*a coke bottle cap (glass bottle cap)
*a pepsi cap (plastic bottle)
*tape (i prefer electrical tape)
*a file (not pictured)(to remove burrs

Step 2: Cut Tape Fill Shake N Bake

Picture of Cut Tape Fill Shake N Bake

Make a hole in the side of the cap see pic

file off the burrs

put it in the match box like SEE second pic

Step 3: Tape

Picture of Tape

tape the pepsi cap to the bottom i chose to cover the whole thing except the striker with tape

Step 4: Yo Done Foo

Picture of Yo Done Foo

thats the nd fill it with matches and when you need a match turn it upside down and shake it to get a match out

BE SAFE Have a very merry christmas


Artanus (author)2009-07-01

Coolio. Now if only I had friends that smoked. lol Nice job, but it could have some better pictures.

goeon (author)Artanus2009-07-01

yea i dont have a digital camera so i use my laptop cam p.s i dont smoke either

Artanus (author)goeon2009-07-01

Me neither, I just love fuego. I was talkign abou the quality, but more quantity, and views. Like, if you had a different angle for when you put the coke cap in the match box, It would make it easier to tell what was going on. Sorry, just my two cents.

goeon (author)Artanus2009-07-01

oh no i like all the feedback i can get i am soon going to get a new digital soon so than ill attempt to update

loy266 (author)2009-05-28

needs better pictures

goeon (author)loy2662009-05-28


Jupitane (author)2009-04-14

Thats so creative! =) Nice job

goeon (author)Jupitane2009-04-14

thanks you

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