Picture of Match rocket launch pad
 This Instructable gives a detailed guide on how to make a launch pad for match rockets. All materials you should be able to find around the house but if you don't have any of the items you can buy them very cheaply from your local supermarket.
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Step 1: Collect Supplies

Picture of Collect Supplies
 This is a list of all the supplies that you will need during this project:

1. 1 match (preferably a strike-anywhere match),
2. 1 paper-clip (small, roughly 1 inch before straightening out),
3. a pair of scissors,
4. a ball of blue-tack (see picture for size),
5 a pair of pliers (not necessary , but useful),

Once you have all the supplies ready you can go on to step 2. 

Step 2: Straighten the paper-clip out

Picture of Straighten the paper-clip out
 For this step you will need: The pliers and the paper-clip.

Take you paper clip and lift one end of the wire up and bend it just enough so you can get your pliers to grip it. Then with your pliers  just carry on unwinding it until its roughly straight. Then just try and even it out some more until it looks like mine does. As I said earlier, you don't absolutely need the pliers but when evening the paper-clip out at the end its difficult without them. Put the paper-clip to one side for now but you can get rid of the pliers. 

Step 3: Cut the head off the match

Picture of Cut the head off the match
 For this step you will need: The scissors and the match.

This step is very easy. All you have to do is get your scissors, open them up, slide the match in so you can see a few millimetres of wood showing below the match head and cut it off. The match head will have a tendency to "ping" off but if your careful then it won't go very far. You can keep the match head for using in a match rocket or you can discard it. Just put the stick to one side for now.
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