Match stick greeting card

Match stick greeting cards are quick n easy to make cards for all occasions. Its just gonna take u a few minutes ti make a card for any1..... :D
what you will need--
1)wax match sticks
2)thick hand made paper for the base

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Step 1: Shape your card

With the help of a pencil, scale and scissors cut your handmade sheet of the desired size and fold it into half....

Step 3:

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You can also paint d petal,add glitter, make a stem for the flower or leave it as such....
Write a message n your card is ready!!!!!
rgupta212 years ago
This is really lovely.. Whata creative idea!! :D
devanshi damani (author) 3 years ago
thank u!! :D
CrLz3 years ago
ChrysN3 years ago