To make this mini-camera, you'll need a box of matches, a used toilet paper tube, a pair of scissors (or an x-cut), a pen and some tape. (Be advised, this camera doesn't really take pictures!)

Step 1: Instructions

Draw, using the toilet paper tube, a circle on one of the sides of the match box's outer box. Do the same thing on the inner box and cut out the circles using the scissors or x-cut.
<p>hi i am doing a science fair project and i have to make one that works</p>
This is awesome :)))
Well done, the camera looks very nice!
thank you Kaptain Kool! :)
this is sweet and creative. i enjoy projects that encourage me to draw more, or inspire me to be more creative. i really like the illustrations and general art style. do any of you have any of your art online?
hello! thank you so much! yes, you can find some of our &quot;art&quot; here, if you like: http://mrspoqui.blogspot.com/
excellent, thanks! please post any new projects you have. i think they will be great, probably.
Have you thought about adding a pinhole to it so it can take real pictures? There are various things around the web about matchbox pinhole cameras and I think it would make a really nice addition to this project...
thank you! good suggestion!
Good Idea~

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