Picture of Matchbox Camera
To make this mini-camera, you'll need a box of matches, a used toilet paper tube, a pair of scissors (or an x-cut), a pen and some tape. (Be advised, this camera doesn't really take pictures!)

Step 1: Instructions

Picture of Instructions
Draw, using the toilet paper tube, a circle on one of the sides of the match box's outer box. Do the same thing on the inner box and cut out the circles using the scissors or x-cut.
mclare501 year ago
This is awesome :)))
Well done, the camera looks very nice!
Mr Spoqui (author)  Kaptain Kool4 years ago
thank you Kaptain Kool! :)
thaneda4 years ago
this is sweet and creative. i enjoy projects that encourage me to draw more, or inspire me to be more creative. i really like the illustrations and general art style. do any of you have any of your art online?
Mr Spoqui (author)  thaneda4 years ago
hello! thank you so much! yes, you can find some of our "art" here, if you like: http://mrspoqui.blogspot.com/
excellent, thanks! please post any new projects you have. i think they will be great, probably.
Have you thought about adding a pinhole to it so it can take real pictures? There are various things around the web about matchbox pinhole cameras and I think it would make a really nice addition to this project...
Mr Spoqui (author)  scarabeetle1014 years ago
thank you! good suggestion!
CH34 years ago
Good Idea~