Step 8: Flying the kite

Picture of Flying the kite
As an indoor kite, you can't just hold the kite out in the breeze.  You need to wave your hand side-to-side, in a sort of horizontal figure-eight pattern.  This stops the flying line twisting up and crashing the kite.

You also need to hold your hand away from your body, to cut down on turbulence.

The second still was taken with my kite flying machine.

You can try tying the fling line to a length of garden cane, or a fast-food-joint balloon stick, to cut down turbulence even more. I used a very long straw.

Don't bother using a desk fan as a make-shift wind-tunnel, because the turbulence from the spinning blades will just set your kite spinning out of control.  Those posh Dyson fans are supposed to be less turbulent, but I've never played with one. If you do, maybe you can let me know what the results are like?

Taking a picture or video of the kite actually flying is incredibly, incredibly awkward and frustrating. All I really managed was to get was so dizzy that I fell over and landed on Conker-X.

sumers1 year ago
Now this is something that I'd love to try.