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The best place to store your matchbox.

This mini-shelf can be used for storing other small items too. It even has an additional compartment in it.

To make it you'll need the said box and superglue. (Alfa-version was double-sided-taped to the wall and fell in couple of days.)

The shelf is open, so it's better to place it somewhere where you won't occasionally reach it. I placed it at my height height.


killerjackalope (author)2011-06-23

Is this the same logic I used when I tied a lighter on a string beside the back door?

activist (author)killerjackalope2011-06-24

Maybe. But I see two major differences: 1. you store matches in an indoor place, 2. a string may interfere with handling and striking. I like to have full control over the process of lighting a match (without strings attached).

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