Step 4: Assemble & clean your metals

Picture of Assemble & clean your metals
Part I:  Billet Fabrication

Safety Supplies for This Step

-Safety glasses with side protection
-Pair of nitrile (blue or purple) gloves
-Lab coat or other long sleeve expendable clothing

Materials for This Step
-Small amount (50-100mL) of acetone
-Your metals, whatever you have chosen
-Glass or pyrex container

First, think about the order in which you want the metals to be.  I wanted my layer colors to alternate, with red in the center of the ring, so I made sure to keep a layer of red gold as an outer layer. Bear in mind:  the order you choose now will be the order in which your layers appear in the final ring!

Pour about 100mL of acetone into your glass or pyrex container.  One by one, put the sheets of metal in it, and gently rub both surfaces (one at a time) with your gloved finger.  Continue until all the fingerprints are removed.  It won't take more than 30 seconds each.

Make sure to only handle your metals with gloves from now on, until they go into the furnace!   Keeping them clean will avoid contamination and help to ensure a good diffusion bond.