Fabric hair clip/brooch - to match and finish off an outfit.
Best applied using fabric with some sort of print or motif where the edges of the print or shape are defined eg flowers can be turned 3-D, embellished and sewn to a basic clip, comb or brooch clasp for a matching dress accessory.
 I used leaves fashioned from a strip of excess seam allowance fabric, from the inside of a vintage dress that I took in to make It fit me.
The fancy hair clip with added bug brooch* finished off the outfit.
(*old brooch was cleaned and I replaced the missing stones on its body first, before fixing in place) 

Step 1: You Will Need:

o   Fabric
o   Thickest iron-on interfacing you can get (can build up layers to requirement)
o   Sharp Scissors,
o   Thread the colour of the fabric
o   Sewing Needle
o   ElectricIron
o   Pen or fabric pencil
o   Basic Hair Clip/Slide/Comb or brooch back
o   Embellishments eg, beads, feathers, net, rhinestones, small brooches (great use for broken clasp ones or odd earrings that still look pretty but cant otherwise be used, they can be sewn on to fabric shape in place)
Love it!!!! what a great idea, especially when you sew your own garments.THANKS
This is so wonderful!!&nbsp;:D&nbsp;thank you very much for posting! it's such a funny coincidence that I just finished making my senior ball dress, and was planning to get started on a matching hair pin today (with no idea how to do it) and I happened to be on instructables, and happened to find this. :)&nbsp; So helpful! ^__^<br />
Glad it helps! If you make two, you can always put a pin clip on the back of one and add it to a plain cluch purse to make it match too.<br /> Have a wonderful time at your Prom.

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