A Fun Flannel and Fleece Arm Warmer Set With A Super Easy Scarf and Hat

Step 6: Backing It Up- Making the Scarf

This scarf is so cute and easy to make, it could be a first sewing project. Get your 4 pieces of 6" x 60" fleece fabrics and decide what fabrics you want to be next to each other. Stack them on top of each other, in your chosen order [image 3]. Next, using your dressmakers pencil, draw a line straight down the middle of the length of the fabric [image 4]; this will be where you make your stitch. After drawing your line, insert pins through the middle of your layers of fleece [image 5 and 6], securing them all together. Sew a straight line down the middle of all the fabrics [image 7]. Remove the pins. 

Now all thats left to do is make the cuts. Start at one end of the scarf and, using your sissors, make cuts approx 1/2 inch apart all the way down the scarf, leaving about 1/4 inch uncut by the seam [image 9]. Repeat for the opposite side.

Give your scarf a good shaking to help fluff it, and it's all done!