Step 6: Backing It Up- Making the Scarf

This scarf is so cute and easy to make, it could be a first sewing project. Get your 4 pieces of 6" x 60" fleece fabrics and decide what fabrics you want to be next to each other. Stack them on top of each other, in your chosen order [image 3]. Next, using your dressmakers pencil, draw a line straight down the middle of the length of the fabric [image 4]; this will be where you make your stitch. After drawing your line, insert pins through the middle of your layers of fleece [image 5 and 6], securing them all together. Sew a straight line down the middle of all the fabrics [image 7]. Remove the pins. 

Now all thats left to do is make the cuts. Start at one end of the scarf and, using your sissors, make cuts approx 1/2 inch apart all the way down the scarf, leaving about 1/4 inch uncut by the seam [image 9]. Repeat for the opposite side.

Give your scarf a good shaking to help fluff it, and it's all done! 
OMG I just found this. I have arthritis in my fingers and elbows, and the cold is like cryptonite. Today I was trying to figure out a way to make my own arm warmers with fleece, and there you are! Even better, yours are connected, so they won't fall down, and you have the patterns available. You are so awesome!!! Thank you!

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