Step 7: The Matching Head Gear

As I said before, use whatever color fleece materials you would like. For simplicity I will give the instructions using the fabric number and using lots of [photo references]!

Fleece Color 1 (top)- (flowered multi-colored)- 23.5" x 3.75"
Fleece Color 2 (middle)- (purple)- 23.5" x 9.5"
Fleece Color 3 (bottom)- (white)- 23.5" x 9.75"

Place fabric 2 on the table, right side up. Place fabric 1 on top of fabric 2, right side down. Align the top edge, and pin [image 2]. Sew 1 to [image 5].  Then, fold the sewn piece in half, right sides together, and sew the side seam [image 6].

Next, fold 3 so that the wrong sides are together and sew the short edged end seam together [image 7].

Place 3 over 2, right sides together [image 7, again], making sure that the sewn seams are aligned with each other. Sew them together.

Fold 3 in half, turning to the inside [image 9] and sew the raw edge of 3 at the seam of 2 and 3 that we just completed [image 10].

Turn the hat right side out and turn 1 completely to the inside and top stitch [image 11 and 12]. The stitching will be close to the middle of fabric 2.

Next, make sure the hat is right side out and using your needle and strong thread, we will gather the material where we just made our topstitch. Start by inserting your needle and thread from the inside, to the outside. Then, go back to the inside, and through your two pieces of thread [image 14], to make a secure hold. Then, continue weaving in and out of the fabric right along the stitching line [image 15] until you get back to where you began hand sewing. Pull tight [image 16]and secure your thread with a knot. 

Lastly, fray the top of the hat similar to how we did the scarf. Cut strips approx .5" wide from the 1 and 2 seam and cut down close to where we joined the fabric at the topstitching [image 17], being careful not to cut through any of it. Now shake it to "fluffitize" and you are all done!

OMG I just found this. I have arthritis in my fingers and elbows, and the cold is like cryptonite. Today I was trying to figure out a way to make my own arm warmers with fleece, and there you are! Even better, yours are connected, so they won't fall down, and you have the patterns available. You are so awesome!!! Thank you!

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