Introduction: Matchstick Modelling Kit

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I have been playing with these things since my childhood. Students can make and understand chemistry from these models.
It just cost me Rs 50 =1$ to make few of them

So let's get started.

Step 1: Things Required

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Not much is required to make this project

Match sticks
Cycle Valve tube
Large sewing needle (i just used a sharp tool here)
A tin can (I am using nivea can as I don't have access to altoid can where i come from)

Step 2: Prepare the Parts

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Cut the valve tube in 1 inch pieces. Cut a little more than you think required.
Cut of the lighting tip of the match sticks.
These things will be the base of the project. So make as many as you can

Step 3: Prepare the Complex Parts

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Pierce a hole in one of the valve tube pieces. Pass another valve tube through the hole to get a connector of 4
Pass another valve tube to get a connector of 6.

Step 4: Packing Everything

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Put everything together so that nothing is lying around.

Step 5: Using the Kit

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This is a basic model that can be made. In this model I used just the 2 point connector. But you can use 4 point connecor or 6 point connector. Just leave 1 connection loose without the match stick.

Play around and have fun!


The Pencil Guy (author)2013-08-03

this is an Arvind gupta idea, right?

artworker (author)The Pencil Guy2013-08-05

Exactly! I have been following him since my childhood. Nice to see that people like Arvind Gupta.

The Pencil Guy (author)artworker2013-08-08

I love him!! he has always been my idol.
By the way, I'm an indian too.

bonkli (author)2013-08-06

what is "cycle valve tube' and where does one get some?

artworker (author)bonkli2013-08-06

In India we can find it at every bicycle repair shop. They are flexible rubber tubes with a very thin inner diameter. They were mostly used (still used in India and surrounding countries) in the dunlop valve systems. You have to ask the old school bicycle repair guys for the details.

rimar2000 (author)2013-07-30

Interesting, thanks for sharing.

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