Matchstick Rocket





Introduction: Matchstick Rocket

This is an instructable of making a matchstick rocket.

The reason that I did this instructables is a reminiscence of the days of my grandpa and I spent time together. That was when he shown me this trick.

Step 1: Items

Items listed below can be easily bought in your local store.

  1. Matches
  2. Candle
  3. Aluminium foil
  4. Play Doh
  5. A nerve to play with fire

Step 2: The Assembly

  1. Firstly, I fold two of the matches with the aluminium foil.
  2. I make sure that both head of the match meet inside the foil.
  3. Then, I assign one of the matches to act as a rocket is loose inside the folded foil.

Step 3: Three, Two, One… Ignition and Lift Off!

  1. For the launching pad, I position the candle in front of the Play Doh.
  2. Now, it time to light the candle.
  3. Please watch the test video.


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good instuctable! I have tried to make a matchstick rocket before and it didnt work. I'll be sure to follow your instructions! :)

Good luck in making it :)
Thanks for commenting.

hey do you own "Backyard Balistics"? because this is half your idea and half their's.

Actually, if he thought of it, than it is all his. Any time two or more people independently arrived at similar solutions to any issue, neither person or group should ever be discredited for their ingenuity.

I'm very honored if someone make use of my ideas (or renewed old ideas) as long as it served a purpose of solution to their problems even though it is sometime too plain simple idea :D

Thanks for commenting.

yeah, this has been around since before the internet.

You're absolutely right:D

I just remember my time with my grandpa. He said "Hey kid, what to see some trick?". "Yup!," I answered. Then he show me the bazooka trick. Sometimes he tear the aluminium paper inside his Winston cigarette box, and sometime he used gum wrapper.
He roll up two matches head by head inside the paper. Next, he let me hold the other end of the matches. "Careful lad," he advice asking to point it away. Then, he lighted the center. Vuzzzz, it goes!
My instructable is a reminiscence of that days and it just got safer.
Anyhow, I will look for Backyard Balistics' idea.
Thanks for commenting.

I've seen something similar, using only one match. You have a pin beside the match with the point alongside the head of the match, and the head of the pin outside of the aluminum foil so you can pull it out and leave an open channel. You have to set the match on a bent paperclip or something else it can set on lightly at an angle and be free to move. Then you just hold a lighted match under the aluminum-wrapped match head. I didn't have a lot of luck with it myself, but I did get one to make a little jump.

I've done what you have had described, but with no luck too. May be it is because one match didn't produce enough fire power to launch itself.
Then, I remember... Two heads are better that one. How about if I had two heads match together in the foil facing each other. Will it give enough thrust to launch the match?

Yes, it does!!!
Thanks for commenting :-)