How to make a rocket with matchstick and tin foil. Make a homemade rocket with matchsticks and tin foil. Launch a matchstick into orbit. Matchstick Rocket. Matchstick... More missile. Make a simple matchstick rocket.
A ''Match Holder-Upper". :-) Just stick the end in a small block of styrafoam to hold it up at an angle.
I want to make a rocket that goes extremely high and very loud out of HOUSEHOLD stuff any one no how?
Get a party popper, half fill the bottom bit with cap gun caps, fill the rest with sparkler stuff, put the cardboard thing back on. Rap the outsides with duct tape and then add a fuse through the bottom. Light the fuse. Stand back. Have fun and stay safe.<br />
put a valve in a water bottle 1/3 filled with water and pump it up
Ehs it would be more effective if you put vents into it.<br /> This had been done before here.<br /> 4*
yes we have there are heaps of instructables on this websitestake a look
has any one heard of bottle rockets???
there is actually a better way of making these which can shove them much much further away. you cut a matchstick head off and place it on the foil and then u use a safety pen or a paper clip in-able 2 form the hole to the end.also if you only use enough foil for about 4 wraps it will fire sooner but make it more acceptable 2 bursting open at the side.
omfg your music wont turn off my computer ='{ my head hurtrs<br/>
mine wouldn't light and then my parents grounded me for playing with fire =[<br/>
wth i almost blew myself up with that water botthle thing thanks its AWESOME!
what are you using to hold the match up

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