Picture of Matchstick Rocket

A "Matchstick Rocket" is a simple matchstick that its head is covered with light, thin paper.
When the matchstick gets hot the gunpowder will explode and flow of hot gas from the bottom of the paper makes the matchstick flying.

Step 1: Things you need

Picture of Things you need
To build this rocket you need:
  • Some matchsticks.
  • A piece of thin paper covered with a thin layer of metal. (You can find appropriate paper in the box of cigarettes.)
  • An object to use as the rocket base.
i love this instructable.
will little match sticks work or flat match sticks please reple asap
vahid_you2004 (author)  nabhancreate3 years ago
I did not tried little or flat matchsticks, but if there were enough power to overcome the weight it will be possible.
will litle matches work
jackle133 years ago
sweet i just tried it and it almost flew but i suggest putting some thing in the rap and making a little gap.
vahid_you2004 (author)  jackle133 years ago
Yes, You're right. If there were a narrow long opening it makes it work better, by this way you can control the direction of fly. But note that in order to produce sufficient power to fly, the opening must be very narrow.
jackle133 years ago
do u have any tips for this
amagri14 years ago
I make alot of match rockets but they never fly what should I do?
vahid_you2004 (author)  amagri14 years ago
It is very important how to roll the paper on the matchstick, the gases must be able to come out from the bottom easily, if they could't come out of the bottom the paper will be explode, so roll the bottom not too firm, but If the bottom is too loose the head of the rocket will jump instead of all of the machstick.
Try making diffrent rockets to find the how firm roll the paper.
Win Guy4 years ago
I'm trying this with aluminum foil and a fuse - I'll post my results in, say, half a day.
Win Guy
amirreza6194 years ago
salam irani hasti?
vahid_you2004 (author)  amirreza6194 years ago
amirreza6194 years ago
سلام دادا ایرونی هستی؟
Pankake5 years ago
I saw a project like this in a book called Backyard Ballistics. you wrap tin foil around a match and two pins that create ports for the gases to expand. cheap and easy fun