Matchsticks Cube (no Glue)





Introduction: Matchsticks Cube (no Glue)

Step 1: 1

Put 7 matchsticks

Step 2: Again 7 Matchsticks


Step 3: Well

Make well 12 matchstick high

Step 4: Close Well

2 x 7 matchsticks

Step 5: Put 6x6 Matchsticks

slowly !!!! have they to enter in these same slot on down what on the top

Step 6: Squeeze

also slowly and easy

Step 7: Enlarge

1. put matches from the top, draw out the bottom line leave two side matches.
2. turn cube, and put matches from top.

3. point 1
4. point 2

Step 8: Finish Effect

Good luck



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    This is a fantastic ible and I really enjoyed reading all the comments lol Thanks so much for posting it.

    Ill get the tweasers my hands aren't steady enough

    How do you go from step 5 to 6 ?!?! Do you turn it or something ?? Cuz in 6 the green heads are facing down ... please make a better explanation for that step !! That's the only thing that bothers me and gets my cube messed up ...

    but it would be nice if you had a better explanation of how you went from step 5 to step 6.

    this is so neat, i found it helped enormously when i used tweezers

    you should make a lot of them, and catch them on fire

    I'll give someone 10,000 dollars if they make one of these with the giant match instructable, wow that would awsome!!!!!!!!!! Amazing instructable, im gonna make one and fill it with explosives!

     10,000 in what currency? Ill make a medium sized one is that ok?