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lorogan (author)2014-10-29

To charge an iPod, you will need to convert 5V to 2V-2.5V. This is because it needs to "see" that. Use 33K and 22K resistors and make a voltage divider. Hook the 33k resistors to the + line. Hook the 22k resistors to the - line. Solder them together, and hook them up to the middle pins. Hook it up to an iPod or iPhone. iOS 7 devices don't need these resistors.

Voltage Divider-





kbckiwi (author)2013-03-10

Have you tested it?

Because Apple charging methods are a bit complex, you need to put a load on D- D+ USB lines in order to the iPad, iPod, iPhone to charge, otherwise it won't work; and because the iPad needs 2 amperes in order to "fast charge" iPods, and iPones need 1 ampere to "fast charge"

There's a lot of examples to do that.

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