For this instructables project, I thought I would take an audio sensor, EL Wire and a jacket and have the EL wire form an (A) for Alabama. The goal for the project: I want the EL wire to light up when someone made noises.

Below is a video of a demonstration of the EL wire A blinking when I make sound.

Step 1: ELwired Jacket

EL wire starter 
Audio sound sensor
Liquid Stitch Glue
Pure Color ribbin (black)
8x AA battery 

I will answer this for the author. <br>If you have not tried EL Wire you should, it is a great product. The wire does show in daylight but it is not very bright. In the dark it is very bright. If you have seen the people on Americas got Talent that had the suits with the lights or people who have made Tron costumes then you have seen EL Wire. It does not get hot and it can be touched with no danger. Standard EL wire should not get too wet but there is some that is made to be able to get wet. There are quite a few places to purchase but I do like this company the best. http://www.elwirepros.com
Nice project and it has given me some ideas of future projects for myself. <br> <br>I do want to point out one very small thing. The correct spelling is SEW not SOW. Check the definitions to learn the difference.
Thanks for the heads up. I changed the spelling.
Great tips. Thanks for sharing. Do these lights show up in daylight?
well done!

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