You will need:
- Wide Mouth Bottle
-Rubber Band

-Knife or Knife
-Common Sense

Step 1: Cut the Bottle

Use you knife or saw and cut the top off of the bottle.
<p>nice shank</p>
How does it work bro
Does it hurt to get shot with this
this is simple. My friend made one and it works
lame but can be fun to goof off with....i mean the teacherswill not know what it is
this could be used in a survival situation too.
What kind of survivalist carries a balloon? I would love to know....
how is this lame. if this is lame than everything on instructables is lame.
You should make an instructable on the &quot;home made saw&quot;. Cool 'ible too!
Small sheep work well.
for what? :-/
what do you shoot out of it
anything you want. (that will fit of course, we tried a bunch of metal BB's one time like buckshot but it ripped it.) make sure its not too big or sharp otherwise it will pop the balloon.
really cool and powerful

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