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Introduction: Halloween Jar of Human Heart Prop Mad Scientist

           Welcome all you goblins and gals! Halloween is around the corner!! As we get closer and closer to Halloween, I want to make sure you gather all your props and costumes to assure that this year's Halloween is going to be hair-raising! As everyone around the world get ready for this global holiday, we all can't wait until we all reveal all our HORRIFIC ideas and creativity when it comes to Halloween. Today, I will be showing you how to make this SUPER SIMPLE but EFFECTIVE Mad Lab Jar of Human Heart Prop. This can definitely be a wonderful addition to your haunted house attractions!! Remember, be safe and HAVE FUN! Most importantly, the more blood, the better!!

Step 1: Materials

- Plastic Gallon Jar (Gallon jar works best because it's big. However, if you can't find a gallon jar, any jar works fine, just make sure your fake body organ can fit inside.)

- Any rubber body organs. (I used a heart. You can use almost anything, such as eyeballs etc. This was bought at the DOLLAR TREE.)

- RED spray paint

- Latex Gloves

- First alert puck light (I bought a pack of three at WALGREENS, you can also find puck lights at the dollar store.)

- Water

(As you see, I already spray painted my jar, if you follow up on the next step, I will show you how it's done.)

Step 2: Working on the Jar

Now that you have a plastic jar or any jar of any sort, you want to take your RED spray paint. FIRST of all, put on your latex gloves. Start spraying random blood globs on the jar. Take your hands and smear some of the paint everywhere. Make sure you do not cover the whole jar with red paint, you also want to make sure you can still see through it when the rubber body organ is in tact.


Now that the jar has finished drying off, make sure the spray paint on the jar is dry to the touch. If not, give it some more minutes to dry. For this step, we are going to work on lighting. Of course, it has to have lights, it's going to be dark and we want everyone to see it. First of all, unscrew the lid. On the bottom of the lid is where you want to attach your lighting source. For my lighting source, I used a FIRST ALERT puck light that is sold is WALGREENS in a pack of three. The ones that I bought has a sticky adhesive on the the bottom of the light. So all you need to do is peel away the paper back of the tape on the light and STICK it to the bottom of the jar lid. If your puck light does not have a sticky adhesive, simply use a hot-glue gun and glue it onto the bottom of the jar lid.

Step 4: Fill Er' UP!!

Now at this point, you want to fill up the jar 3/4 of the way with water. Make sure you do not completely fill it up, it might mess up the light under the lid.

Step 5: Adding the Heart/Organ

Now you want to add in the HEART/ORGAN. By doing this, some of the rubber heart/organ has a hole inside. You want to fill that hole up with water so that it can submerse under the water.

Step 6: You're DONE!!

At this point, you are basically DONE!! Drop the HEART/ORGAN in, turn on the light source, and screw on the LID!!


Wherever you put this wonderful PROP/DECORATION, know that this is going to be something no one will never forget.
You are definitely going to get some screams out of this!


Sincerely, TONY P. VO



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    add petroleum jelly to heart surface, works great on brains too.

    Thank you so much for the idea - it was so easy and SO AWESOME! I put up my finished items here with a tag for your instructable: http://melbergink.blogspot.com/2011/10/specimen-jars-of-doom.html

    1 reply

    You are welcome. I'm glad you liked it. THANKS for spreading the WORD! I see you had fun with it, it really looks HORRIFIC!! GREAT JOB!!

    That is pretty awesome, and easy to recreate! Just a tip though, to give it more of that creepy, grossness factor, you could add a few drops of food coloring to the water. Red, if you wanted gorey, blue for more of the cleancut mad scientist, or yellow for an aged, gross look.

    1 reply

    Why thank you. Thanks for the additional tip to make it look more GORY!

    Thanks for the tip on the rubber organs, I bought 9 of them for my organ tank prop!

    1 reply

    Gruesome ! I have a friend who works at a popular hamburger joint, I asked about gallon jars and he brought me a DOZEN ! As an experiment I put some dollar store grow beasts ( they enlarge in water) the worked great and even better after they sat for awhile and started bursting apart ! only 23 days until HALLOWEEN weekend... happy scares !

    2 replies

    Haha! You really got a dozen of gallon jars just like that? Back where I live, it's almost impossible for me to find "A" gallon jar. Luckily, I found these at a dollar store. Now just add blood to the jar and a source of light, and you're SET! Haha. Happy Halloween!

    plastic would probably be safer anyways. A lot of restaurants and sandwich shops get pickles and such in gallon glass jars (some get plastic) like a Halloween scavenger hunt you have to ask around

    Wait, wait, wait..the Dollar Store sells rubber organs?!! I'll be right back....

    1 reply

    I'm not so sure if the dollar STORE has organs because around where I live, dollar stores do not have organs. However, the dollar TREE has organs. Many and Many of them. Then even have legs and hands! You can always buy it on ebay. :D