Picture of $1 GearPuller made at Techshop.ws
I couldn't pull a pulley/gear off a scratched motor shaft and I couldn't find a puller in nearby stores.

So, I made this simple gear puller at the TechShop.ws in Menlo Park, California.

Step 1: Materials and Tools

Picture of Materials and Tools
2 inches of: 1.5 inch x 0.06 inch Hot Rolled Mild Steel Square Tube A513 [Online metals.com $0.64]
1.25 x 0.25 inch bolt (20 threads per inch)

TOOLS (available at TechShop.ws):

3/8 inch diameter drill bit
7/32 inch diameter drill bit
1/4 - 20 thread tap
tapping fluid (light oil)
Tap handle
drill press
Bridgeport mill and 3/8 mill end
     (or band saw)

sanjay1171 year ago
thanks a lot , you are a friend in need!!! i will make one immediately
i am a electronics technician and frequently require one puller for small motors, even though commercial pullers at hands this one is easy and smart!
very useful instructable. how do we ensure that those pesky stuck gears come off before the threads give off?
ajoyraman3 years ago
Excellent ! We can quickly build a puller to suit our specific application.
rimar20003 years ago