I couldn't pull a pulley/gear off a scratched motor shaft and I couldn't find a puller in nearby stores.

So, I made this simple gear puller at the TechShop.ws in Menlo Park, California.

Step 1: Materials and Tools

2 inches of: 1.5 inch x 0.06 inch Hot Rolled Mild Steel Square Tube A513 [Online metals.com $0.64]
1.25 x 0.25 inch bolt (20 threads per inch)

TOOLS (available at TechShop.ws):

3/8 inch diameter drill bit
7/32 inch diameter drill bit
1/4 - 20 thread tap
tapping fluid (light oil)
Tap handle
drill press
Bridgeport mill and 3/8 mill end
     (or band saw)

thanks a lot , you are a friend in need!!! i will make one immediately <br>i am a electronics technician and frequently require one puller for small motors, even though commercial pullers at hands this one is easy and smart! <br>
very useful instructable. how do we ensure that those pesky stuck gears come off before the threads give off? <br>
Excellent ! We can quickly build a puller to suit our specific application.

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