Introduction: Maths Tricks, HOW TO Find Squares in Seconds. GRE CAT APTITUDE, GMAT SPEED MATHEMATICS

Maths Tricks, finding squares in seconds. CAT APTITUDE, GMAT PROBLEM SOLVING,SPEED MATHEMATICS, maths tricks





This Technique seems to be passed on to us from the great Vedas. We believe, this method must have been a part of Vedic mathematics which is now used everywhere in maths aptitude books in India, with acknowledging that it came from the Vedic Mathematics. We must acknowledge the contribution of the vedic mathematics in our culture.
In this Video we have explained a method of finding squares of numbers between 1- 100. Its a speedy way to calculate. It saves your time and you can literally calculate with using a pen or a paper. Fast calculations are always a plus point for a IIT JEE, CAT, GMAT, GRE aspirant. This will be helpful in CAT APTITUDE QUESTIONS, GMAT problem solving, etc This video has everything to do with GMAt Videos, gmat exam, gmat admissions, cat videos, cat exam, cat problems, gmat problems, maths tricks, maths magic, maths tricks for bank exams, maths tricks for faster calculations, speed maths etc


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