Matoroformer: Dumper


Introduction: Matoroformer: Dumper

About: I am an ancient cybertronian who loves to build stuff and destroy Autobots. Fear me. Followers: 50- captain camo 100- Hyperlinks1 Watch to see how to make and transform this guy. Again, comment and I will try my best to respond. Matoroformer means matoran transformer btw.



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    What's your problem? If its something that he likes doing like me and my K'nex, let him do it. What's wrong with doing something you love and sharing your hobby? :-P

    Also, not 'upsessed', its Obsessed.

    I don't think that fasc23 was trying to be a jerk, I think he was just asking a simple question about your instructable. And fasc23, it would help if you put a question mark at the end of your sentence.



    Ok, lets start in chronological order!

    1) This isn't my Instructable, its Transforminglegodude's. You should reply to him, not me.

    2) I understand that he isn't being a jerk, but he should really give good points and constructive criticism.

    3) Thank you for following. :-)

    Well, I can see where you are coming from.

    1) I had no comments of his on this page that I could comment under to where it would make sense, also, if I am commenting on your comment that I should write it under your comment, so that you would know that I am talking to you.

    2) Also I think that if he had put a question mark at the end of his question, than it would actually look like a question, instead of looking like a statement.

    3) I followed you partially because you seem to be a friend of the transforminglegodude, and anyone who is his friend is my friend! Also I just saw you trying to defend the transforminglegodude and I thought I would reward you by following you! (I didn't mean literally following you, although that sounded kind of creepy, I'M FOLLOWING YOU!!!!!!!)


    Anyway, have a nice day!


    Ok, I understand what your saying.

    Thanks again and you too have a nice day!


    Haha, no problem.

    I am training to be a lawyer though XD

    You now have a new subscriber!

    What is the name of your vids?

    Also why are you making vids? Personally I liked your instructables instructions.

    I'm done with the mech. Just gotta make the instructions!