Picture of Matrix Code - Visual Basic
New and improved Visual Basic code will display a "Matrix"-like effect, with scrolling One's and Zero's. It then cuts to the Matrix "Wake Up Neo" sequence, and then continues to scroll numbers.

I realize this isn't exactly how the sequence goes within the movie, but there were people asking for this functionality, so I added it.

I think the way I randomize the display of the columns of One's and Zero's is the neatest part of the code. I discuss exactly what I did later.

This Instructable is in response to Brennn10's "Welcome to the Matrix in Command Prompt" Instructable. The code that makes up this Instructable was based initially on code posted in a comment by DarkJoker on the above Instructable.

I've intentionally been rather explicit with my explanation of the code as I've gotten quite a few requests for clarification since I first posted this solution.

Step 1: Grab my code

I've attached my code below.

Save both files (startMatrix.itsabat and matrix.itsavbs) within the same folder on your machine, and remove the "itsa" portion of the filename, i.e. rename the files to startMatrix.bat and matrix.vbs. Bat files and vbs files are executable, and therefore I can't upload them with those extensions here. This is why you must save and rename them locally.
JuanV48 months ago

hi, followed your instructions but when I try to open all I see is a Notepad work (probably yours) and nothing else happening. Do I need to do anything else?

leroy.dyer9 months ago

just down load the first file and name it startmatrix.bat

save the second as matrix.vbs

works fine

thanks mate

It says could not find script file C:\users\name\documents\matrix.vbs"

sonic6674 years ago
having trouble getting it to work
Laserman5955 years ago
i got it to run fine but it made a message box pop up infinuntly i had to go to the task manager to get it to stop

please help i dont like it
Mirror Mage5 years ago
I am having trouble getting it to work
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eldytho6 years ago
i don't know what ewent wrong but it popped up for about 1 sec and then went away?
you probably forgot to type PAUSE at the end and then hit enter then type :start then enter then in the next line put start matrix. if this does not work i will send you the code i used to make mine
bruinsxxbby6 years ago
this is all great, but i still cant figure it out... cant you just post the code you use? lol... i can get a basic matrix working, i just use: @echo off color 0A :top echo %random% %random% %random% %random% %random% %random% %random% %random% %random% %random% %random% %random% %random% %random% goto top and i save it as matrix.vbs i wish it were slower and more random, but i cant figure it out!
It`s matrix.bat, right?
smith2martin (author)  bruinsxxbby6 years ago
My code is above. There are two files: startMatrix.itsabat and matrix.itsavbs. Rename them to remove the "itsa" portion from the extension, so you have startMatrix.bat and matrix.vbs. Put them both in the same folder and double-click the startMatrix.bat file and you should be off and running.
not so nice.....
Marno16 years ago
When I try to download the files, I get the files "FF0Q2K8F9AZJOPC.tmp" and "FFGUGZSF9AZJOPB.tmp"
step 1
I think there is a problem in my settings.
fwjs28 Marno16 years ago
tools>folder options view tab>show extensions for common file types, then goto step 1
smith2martin (author)  Marno16 years ago
Did you rename the files as in Step 1? So you should have two files, one named startMatrix.bat, and one called matrix.vbs.
bdblock946 years ago
wont work
smith2martin (author)  bdblock946 years ago
Could you be more specific?
I copy/pasted the codes and they wont work on my computer
smith2martin (author)  bdblock946 years ago
Ok, so you have two files, a .bat file and a .vbs file, in the same folder (say, on your desktop). What effect do you see after executing (double clicking) the .bat file? Do you receive an error of any kind? Also, try opening the .bat with notepad to verify its contents are correct. You'll see that it attempts to launch the .vbs file by name, so make sure your new .vbs file is named identically to the way the .bat expects it to be named.
pc, and yes they are both on desktop. no, no effect whats so ever.
smith2martin (author)  bdblock946 years ago
The error may have been a result of you copying and pasting the code. The Invalid Character error message in the screenshot you posted indicates this.

Here's a link to more information on this error:

Looks like you may have tick marks, like `, instead of single quotes, like '.
smith2martin (author)  smith2martin6 years ago
I was able to replicate your error when I changed a single quote to a tick mark, so definitely check that out.
smith2martin (author)  bdblock946 years ago
Also, are you on a mac or pc?
how do i save them on the same file, and how do i get it to go through slower? it goes WAY too fast
you don't want to save both files to the same file (if I'm understanding you correctly). Save both files as separate files, rename them as I describe above and double-click the .bat file. As far as slowing it down, look for "wscript.sleep 5" in the matrix subroutine. Changing the number 5 to a higher number will slow down the printing of the digits.