In this video i will show you how you can make your very own, very realistic matrix head-plug. If you cannot tell from the video you will need:

The bottom of a soda can
A keyring
A smaller keyring or this piece off a flashlight i had
One of those pieces of metal used to hold insulation to walls (believe me, i spent hours researching to try to figure out what its called, so if i knew, i would tell you)

If anything is unclear, comment and i will update this post.
<p>Uhh, nothing is clear to me. It says that the video is private so I cant see it.</p>
the insulation thing, it's just called an insulation fitting
I'm no hair-splitter.<br>I like it.
maybe conceal the glue better. I can see a huge glob. but great idea
good try but if you look closly. <br>it looks more like the top of an aerosol can with the plastic jet removed

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