http://cache.lionbrand.com/patterns/70006A.htmlUsing the Lion Brand Half Moon Shawl Pattern, see link above, and Moda Dea Swirl Yarn, I created my own Half Moon. The pattern is great. Easy to follow and great results. I love the drape of the yarn, the shimmery colors, the soft feel. I hesitate to recommend the yarn because it is so slippery it wouldn't stay on my shoulders. Arghhh. I added single crochet ties, which keeps it on (Yeah!), but does change the look(hmmm...). I ended my shawl slightly shorter than the pattern for length. Between the yarn, and my loose crochet style, it might have become a duster :-)
Very pretty--great job with the pattern!
This is really cool, I love the colors, I saw another Slideshow with the same yarn. Well, it looks like the same yarn. Great job!
Thanks for the kind words :-)

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