Mauly Clip Office Gun





Introduction: Mauly Clip Office Gun

One big mauly clip and one little mauly clip and it is amazing how much damage you can do...


1 big mauly clip
1 small mauly clip

Step 1: Squeeze Big Mauly Clip

Squeeze the big mauly clip and be ready for insertion of small one.

Step 2: Put the Smaller Mauly Into the Bigger Mauly.

In the picture you will see that the mauly isn't all of the way in the bigger one...this is because I couldn't manage to snap a picture of the real thing because it would shoot if I wasn't holding it. Make sure it is all of the way in and **HOLD THE BIG MAULY OR ELSE IT WILL PREMATURELY FIRE!**

Step 3: FIRE!!!

Hold tightly, aim, let go, and you have successful shot a mauly gun! With could become pro :)

Step 4: Careful...

Be safe...this can get pretty messy if your not shoots pretty fast if you get off a good one.



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its fun to come back to this website after a while and see comments u forgot u posted :3

i know what you mean. someone, about a week ago replies to a comment of mine from a year ago. i dont even remember it though it sounds like something i woudl say >_

Now I just replied to something you did 6 years ago.

I just replied to your reply to something from 6 years ago. I need a life.

Guys I have a question, If you go to an office supply store, would you go up to their desk and ask for a "mauly"? they would kick you out! wtf is a mauly they are binder clips.

lol to the max

wher did you get the lats images

This was copied from dont cheat, we've all seen it before :/