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Introduction: Maurice Little Monsters

BASEBALL CARDS I LOVE BASEBALL CARDS!!!! GOT'EM GOT'EM NEED'EM GOT'EM Hello My name is Smeech An ill be showing you my Maurice costume hope you enjoy!!!

Step 1: Horns an Speedo Cap

For the horns i used molding clay that you bake in an oven. I first started with making clay snake like wraps around in a horn shape then baked for 10 to 15 mins and painted the horns with acrylic paint. The horns are supported by hair pens an the the tightness of the speedo cap. the cap has two hold cut in it to hold down the horns.

Step 2: The Bald Cap

the  baled cap is a skin like material that i placed on top of the speedo cap for a more easy surface for gluing an painting, Plus makes it look alot smoother. 

Step 3: Out the Head

The next step i used a soft egg foam material from a mattress to make it have the allusion that they horns were coming out the head.


The moles were made out of the same baking clay used for the horns i jusy rolled up them in tiny balls an cut them in half to have a flat surface to glue them to my face. The glue i used was a mask application glue at the halloween store.


the hair was a recycled wig cut to a mohawk then glued on the the bald cap. I then painted my face with blue acrylic. an blacked the moles


Ok if you watched the movie you know his jacket. this thing has pins patches painted things a rabbit foot the works. I made his jacket almost exact replica. I went out an bought pins an made some and also made the rabbits foot out of fur from some extra fabric. 

Step 7: Jacket

on the back he has born to be wild i painted this with acrylic on a leather jacket from the thrift store.

Step 8: Fin

Thanks for checking it out guys!!!

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    My sister and I used to watch this movie all the time. You did a great job with the makeup, and the whole look overall! :D

    What kind of clay was it, exactly? I'm going to use this technique with a costume I'm making and want the clay to be light. My horns will be about double the size you have made here.
    Great job on this.

    That looks awesome =D ...haven't seen that movie in forever

    Congratulations on being a finalist in the Halloween contest!!! Can’t wait to see if you win! Good luck!

    Oh My Gawd! This is the coolest costume EVAR! Wow, you really outdid yourself...I bet people LOVE this costume! Heck yeah!


    This is AWESOME! Following you and voted!
    This is by far the coolest thing that I have seen on this site! :)

    That is an amazing costume

    looks great! and as much as i love that movie, it still scares the crud out of me.

    Wow, Howie did't make it look that good. Nice job

    Freakin Awesssssommmme!!! great job andysmeech!