In this instructable I will show you how to take out the air restrictors from the maverick. This mod will make the gun shoot faster, further and harder.

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Step 5: Screwing It Back Together

Get the Maverick and screw it back together. Go and test it if it doesn't work your gun is stuffed.
I have seen other instructables things and they say that the AR doesn't affect the power
Mr Fischer1 year ago
lolfuqdatshit. Do whatever son.
plywood243 years ago
lol, nice pun.
whats with the clear gun? did you mod this your self, or is this some super- secret version? nice instructable too ;D
they sell em at target like this.
Mr Fischer3 years ago
Easy to follow instructions, but next time get some more clear pictures.
sawblade253 years ago
nice pun
niuthon3 years ago
super, mine doesn't work
SlothSpace (author)  niuthon3 years ago
Wat went wrong when you were doing the mod?
i did everything as in instructions, and it simply stopped shooting - darts dont even move in the chambers while supposed to shoot out - strange. So i put everything back together and it works as usual
SlothSpace (author)  niuthon3 years ago
I don't know what happened to it hopefully it gets better.
it went wrong cos my freind did this and broke his gun dont use the hammer unscrew the screws then just pull it off if u use a hammer u'll wreck ur gun
mrelement3 years ago
to tell you the truth, I've done this without the instructable I'm only on this one because they say it breaks. It doesn't if you cut the pegs off in step 3.
soccer man4 years ago
Hey Apple_4_ life, there is a clear series of nerf now, i call it seathrogh version
lol Seathrogh?
Learn to spell dude!
soccer man4 years ago
Nobody do this instructable, When I did it I broke my maverick that i bought with my birthday money (wast of time!)

P.S. did not try to offend punchg grampas! :(
1) clear guns come out now and then 2) i tried this a while back, problem was that whenever i shot it made a a sharp snapping sound! so i replaced the parts, any ideas what i did wrong?
SlothSpace (author)  darknessfalls4 years ago
Umm... I'm not exactly sure, but i recommend that you try the 'silencing' part of this instructable: otherwise, i'm not quite sure... (sorry for the late reply)
BytePilot4 years ago
And with a little acrylic paint you can make this nerf gun look rather fun.
Maverick Rev 5.jpg
billybenj4 years ago
you might wana cut the pegs off of the end of the orange things too, besides that nice job