*Note* OH CRAP I only just realised that Bridel568 had already made this I'ble, so all credit goes to him, heres a link to his:

OK, so this is my first I'ble so, don't be a jerk.
This I'ble will show you how to be able to pull out your barrel and reload without un-screwing the gun. I am not the first person to do this mod, I first saw it on youtube.

Ps: I will not be held liable for your nerf if it breaks.

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Step 2: Unscrew It

Picture of Unscrew It
Now you have to take apart your Maverick with your screwdrivers.
There are many tutorials all over the web on how to do thism so use one of them.

The  pic is a little blury but you can still see whats going on.

Step 3: HackSaw Time

Picture of HackSaw Time
(pic1)Now Take the barrel out of the unscrewed Maverick

(pic2)You should see two little prongs, now grab your hacksaw blade and give them no mercy (saw them off)

(pic3) Make sure they're Nice and smooth and level with the rest of the grey stuff. Yeah i know, it's a shoddy pic.

Step 4: Chuck it back together

ok, don't actually CHUCK it back together, just carefully put it back together.

Put the barrel back in the Nerf shell as if you'd never taken the prongs out.
craig34 years ago
when you say it dhould pop ALL the way out, you dont mean, it actually comes out of the gun do you? what would the be point of that?
SlothSpace (author)  craig34 years ago
Yes, it does come out of then gun, point/reason 1 is because it looks cool point/reason 2 is that it lets you 'reload' a lot quicker. So instead of actually reloading you can just take a spare barrel that is already full of darts and just put that in instead of the original empty barrel.
billybenj4 years ago
wow this woulda been nice to see when i did this mod to my mav, i ended sawing off most of the grey things, not just the prongs...