Step 3: Your Done

This mod makes loading the gun a little harder, but its still pretty easy.

Also you can try putting more coins in but for me it didn't work, because their wasn't enough space and the gun wouldn't load properly.

Hope you enjoyed the I'ble
In just 30 hour I made my maverick shoot about 10 feet longer. and the ultimate combo of coins is p=penny, d=dime p-p-p-p-d that way you get a long range and it is easy to cock. This is the first mod i did and it is totally worth it.
thx you sooo much!!! now my little brother is dead!! hehehehehe XD >:-)

its really awesome!!
Hgibbs73 years ago
Nvm but it doesn't make it shoot farther! I have two mavericks and the not-modified one shoots farther!
sub8933 years ago
works good but you have to carefully cock it. I also used 4 dimes and a penny because all pennies were blocking the reload
can anyone send me some pennies???
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(No offense)
lil larry3 years ago
Question:will this work in the nitefinder???????
SlothSpace (author)  lil larry3 years ago
It might work in the night finder I don't know because I haven't tried that thanks for asking.
OK! I'll expirement anyway! I'll tell you if it does work!
SlothSpace (author)  lil larry3 years ago
Cool thanks, if it does work that would be awesome!
Ok, sorry for replying so, so late! Umm...I don't know. I tested it and its awesome, but my night finder is super modded. Penny mod, rubberband mod, air restrictor mod, and a spring mod. I've worked on it soo much that now it glitches. What I mean is that it doen't pull back all the way, the trigger is glitching, and the darts are going soo hard that the darts curve and doesn't even shoot right. But you can try it becuase I'm assuming that your's isn't that modded.
(\_/) /
( ".")
yo lil larry, i have an air restrictor mod and a im gonna do this mod on my maverick, do you think it will still shoot fine or not?
Sorry if I'm taking forever to do this cuz I have school work, homework, studying whatever you call it to do.
jululati3 years ago
Anyone know if pennies or nickels are better for this? I don't feel like screwing it up.
I just did it, it works better with 5 pennies instead of nickles, I couldn't screw it back together with nickles, they were too big
SlothSpace (author)  jululati3 years ago
I wouldn't really know because I live in Australia but I think if you're gonna use pennies you should use 3 or 4 just in case.
ugmojoe3 years ago
FYI Aussies - Three Australian 5c coins do the trick; any more will prevent the gun from cocking. Also you can swap out the suction darts for whistlers - doing so got me much more range, and they literally scream through the air.
of course not we use antilianse guldens (it's dutch) lol
haha sommige mensen hier.
clodus3 years ago
This seem to be the only "working" range increase mod for the maverick if you plan to stick to nerf darts. DO NOT remove the air restrictors or chop off the rods as advised in other instructables. This will decrease range.

The air restrictor mod should only be done when you plan to use stefans on your nerf gun. For those who have already chopped off the air restrictors, then it is time to buy another maverick and use the 2nd gun for parts for a 'double' barrel maverick mod.
ol9879863 years ago
what british coins can i use ?
Yeah i lost my pieces!
mackz3123 years ago
it didnt break, but it fires the same or possibly worse. Any suggestions?
SlothSpace (author)  mackz3123 years ago
I don't know what happened to yours thats never happened to mine. Try taking the coins back out and see if it works good again if not I don't know what happened.
jggammer4 years ago
do you mean a nickle(5) penny(1) or dime(10) or a qortar(25) wich one
nice... spelling
I've done this mod. Pennies are what seems to work. In my experience, any more than five make the gun unable to prime (or cock).
ggg36363 years ago
this mod rox it was the first mod i tried on my maverick it increased the range by like 30 ft. NOT LYIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
jggammer4 years ago
jggammer4 years ago
does this mod actually work i might try it