Maverick "Silencer"





Introduction: Maverick "Silencer"

 This is a very simple instructable on how to create a simple "silencer" for your amazing Maverick REV - 6 Nerf gun.  

I thought of it while sitting in my dorm and I like to save important things like the mini-M&M tubes.  I have used them for many things before and this is another amazing adaptation!

Step 1: Get the Tube.

 Enjoy yourself, go buy yourself a large mini-M&M tube.  Sit down, kick your feet up and enjoy every single morsel.  (Make sure that the tube is a large tube, like the one pictured.)

Step 2: Cut It Up.

Please take caution doing this step, do not cut towards yourself, please get an adult if needed.  I only did it that way in order for photo-graphical purposes.  Cut of the bottom end carefully.  Also cut the cap off of it too.

Step 3: Clean It Up.

 Only if you would like to class it up a bit more, trim the edges nice and square.

Step 4: Fit It Up.

 Now place it on there, it fits comfortably.  The tube sits on it nice but if falls off if you bump it hard enough.  You can glue it on if you like.

Step 5: Try It Out

I have tried shooting the gun with and without the piece and i am indifferent if it improves the accuracy slightly, but doesn't silence it at all.  A Nerf gun cannot be silenced, but it looks neat.  You can detail it crazily however you would like, I enjoy them as is.  

Tell us your research and studies on what you did, show us some pictures and tell us if it really works!

Have fun, but not too much fun!  Happy shooting. 



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    So does this really suppress firing noise, or is it just aesthetic?

    From the shots I have taken I have not found any suppression of the noise. I have not done any sound tests from the receiving end of the gun, which would make sense to test as that is where your enemy is!

    Great idea, Delta25! I'm making one for my Nerf Strongarm!

    why not use two to make look like a real revolver ?

    Would pvc pipe work 2?

    oh yeah it is the first mod that i will make for my nerf gun!!! (sorry 4 my english, its not my natural language)

    dont apoligize because youve made an effort to learn another language

    You're doing fine by me.

    whats your natural language?

    you can use a hack saw