Introduction: Max Caulfield Jane Doe Shirt + Bracelets

Picture of Max Caulfield Jane Doe Shirt + Bracelets

Shirt and bracelets used by Max~

Step 1: Tutorial



-Pink Shirt
-White paint
-Fine Brush
-Sponge Brush(?)
-Cardboard piece


-Black, red and blue EVA foam
-Hot glue

Step 2: DONE!

Picture of DONE!

Now you have a Jane Doe shirt for your Max Cosplay or just for fun <3

Oh, and bracelets too!


nootrific (author)2016-07-11

I never thought about it, but it'd be fun to cosplay Max :) This is really good :o

Simran Sharma (author)2016-02-23

nice work

IzabelaF (author)Simran Sharma2016-02-23

thank you!!

Simran Sharma (author)2016-02-18

Character and you looks same.

IzabelaF (author)Simran Sharma2016-02-23

yay thank you <3

tisaconundrum (author)2015-12-14

You look like Chloe, honestly ?
You should do that one next!

IzabelaF (author)tisaconundrum2015-12-14

I've already made both, Max and Chloe cosplay :B,
thank you!

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