Introduction: Max Zorn Inspired Tape on Window Art

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Max zorn is a Dutch street artist with a very cool way to use brown packing tape and a scalpel for his art. He makes his works, usually inspired by old movies, on any clear surface that let light shine through. Like windows and street lanterns.
Here you can see a video of him working. You can quite clear see how he works.

Last year I started with copying his technique on the windows of two different art classrooms at my work.  I'm always looking for new ways and techniques to inspire my pupils with different art forms and learn them the broad world of what art can be. They really like these and I'm planning to do some lessons with them using this technique. (I will make a Instructable of it later, in English as well in Dutch)

This year I teach in different classrooms so it it was time to make some new ones. This time I tried to use painters tape, since it is more easily cleaned of the windows. (which my headmaster will appreciate more in the end ;-) )

Step 1: Clear,cut,tear and Stick

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Start with a clean window and cut/tear the tape to the size you need. Stick it close together in one direction.
Cover the whole window, for the size you need, with one layer.

Step 2: To Draw or Not to Draw

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If you're an artist like Max Zorn you can just start cutting out areas which have to be lighter but I found it a bit easier first to draw a light sketch after a photo. For this one I used a famous artist portraiture, which I mirrored for composition's sake.

Step 3: "Cutfinger" He's the Man With the Cutting Touch.....

Picture of "Cutfinger" He's the Man With the Cutting Touch.....

After the tape sticking it is time to cut away parts where it has to be more lightened and more tape crossed over the parts where there has to be more shadows. The way to do it is showed best in the original Max Zorn video. It takes some practice but if you make a mistake you just put another piece of tape over it.

Have fun making art and please show it here when you made one. I'll use this Instructable in my classes.


picturesofsilver (author)2013-03-12

I love this! you did a great job :) very clear & well laid out.

Dave A (author)picturesofsilver2013-03-12

Thank you.

amansell1 (author)2013-03-12

also if i use an exacto knife, will that scratch the glass?

Dave A (author)amansell12013-03-12

My experience is that a knive won't scratch glass if you just cut with light pressure. The metal isn't normaly hard enough to scratch glass.

amansell1 (author)2013-03-12

do you think i could use masking tape? This instructable is great and i hope i get to try it

Dave A (author)amansell12013-03-12

I think any tape can be used, as long as it is transparent enough to let the light through that is behind it. Thank you and if you try it, please post a picture.

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