Picture of Max and Phidgets Disco LEDs
This project will introduce you to how Max works with Phidgets Interfaces. This tutorial will give you the basics so you can develop more complex projects on your own. The possibilities are countless.

- Phidget Interfacekit 8/8/8 (like the 1018_2)
- Phidgets Rotation Sensor (like the 1116_0) and sensor cable
- 5 LEDs (any colour)
- Breadboard
- Connector Wires

You’ll need both the Phidgets drivers and Max6 installed (and working) on your computer.

Phidgets drivers, libraries and installation instructions can be found here: http://cycling74.com/toolbox/phidgets-libraries-and-drivers/

Step 1: Setting Up The Hardware

Picture of Setting Up The Hardware
Connect the Rotation Sensor to analog input 0 using the sensor cable. Connect the LEDs to digital outputs 0 through 4, as shown in the image. The cathode (shorter wire) is connected to the ground and the anode (longer wire) is connected to the digital output.

Nice! I like the gif, too! Thanks for sharing!