Work with leaf LCD that can control:
* 24.0 km/h  (full speed,No load)
* 13.5 km/h  (limited speed,No load)

Convert your common scooter to electric scooter with leaf 12 inch 36V 250W front hub motor  -  bike conversion kit .

Electric Bike Kit Detail:
* 12 inch alloy casting hub ( tire: 12 × 2.125 )
* 36V 250W front hub motor -- brushless gearless
* 36V 6-MOSFET bldc motor controller working with LCD ( Display speed, mileage, battery gauge.. )
* Twist throttle ( Red: + 4.5V, black: GND, green: signal )
* Brake lever ( Low voltage to cut off power )
* Three button ON/OFF switches ( Control cruise,reverse,horn,front & rear lights... )
* Max speed: 24.0 km/h
* Mechanical brake: V-brake
* Install: spacing of 100mm fork
* Cable location: shaft end , LEFT
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Bio: Leaf Motor Technology Co Ltd. was established in 2001,specialized in manufacturing bike kits,brushless hub motors,BLDC motors, motorized wheels.The company has been ... More »
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