There are a number of advantages to using glass as the build plate on a 3D Printer. Not having to worry about retaping and not having to buy expensive wide rolls of tape (or worry about tape lines on your print) are why I choose to use glass, or more recently FR-4, on my build platforms.

A major downside of using glass or FR-4, however, is the loss of build space that can result from having the build plate secured with the traditional binder clips. It is never a good thing to hear the noise your printer makes when the nozzle catches on one of those damn clips!

This instructable presents a way of securing glass or FR-4 without using a binder clip there-by preserving as much build space as possible...and...avoiding having a nozzle drag across a binder clip!

Step 1: Find Some Clips to Cut Down

I was not sure what I was looking for but after spending a while with Google I was able to find some beam edge wiring clips that looked like would do the trick. The ones that I found were: "Newlec Edge Beam Clip. For 8mm - 12mm Grip, 10mm - 11mm diameter". They come in a variety of sizes but the 8-12mm grip, 10-11mm diameter, matched what I needed for either glass or the thinner FR-4. I am not sure if these clips are available internationally but with the image in hand you can likely get Google to search for something similar.

Next step was to put a metal cutting wheel on my Dremel and cut the clip leaving the grip side in the bin and keeping the rest for use on my printer. What I llked about the shape that I am left with is that flat top.

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