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Protect your home from the Mighty Cthulhu! For now...

Step 1: Inspiration for the project

I was browsing the web for some Cthulhu-related cross stitch patterns and I found this project. I really loved the sentence and the gap between the nice and neat embroidery blessing and the horrific truth that we will all end up in Cthulhu's great belly.

I decided to make a different version of it, without the house. I got the inspiration for the membranous wings and the elder sign from this pattern - although I changed it a bit.
I found this fantastic website to help me choose a font fit for cross stitching. You may also choose another font (you can find plenty of free alphabet patterns on the internet). Remember that upper case-only alphabet don't usually look good when used for a whole sentence.
Originally I was going for a spookier font but I actually like the innocent look on the Madrid font.

No, no, no! That's all wrong! "May Cthulhu Eat This House" FIRST! Far better being sustenance for the dread Eldrich god than witnessing the eternal horrors and madness that remain in his wake...
Yes, I know. You are absolutely right. But I wanted it to sound like a traditional house blessing, and "first" would have puzzled non-cultists even more.
Ah, got it. Nice 'ible, I need to make one of these!
mimicotton3 years ago
good job. nice work.
keverill993 years ago
Thank you for the clear instructions, I just bought all the supplies!
I'm just putting "May Cthulhu eat this house" cause I want to start a fight with my boyfriend about how DUMB our house is.
ExquiseMarquise (author)  keverill993 years ago
Let me know who wins!

(Awesome comment is awesome! Made my boyfriend and I laugh out loud!)
Awesome pattern and awesomely done!
ExquiseMarquise (author)  jessyratfink3 years ago
canida3 years ago
I love this. :)
ExquiseMarquise (author)  canida3 years ago
Thank you!
nnygamer3 years ago
I've heard a similar statement but they wanted to be eaten first to avoid watching the horror of everyone and everything being devoured.
ExquiseMarquise (author)  nnygamer3 years ago
That is correct, at least for true cultists.
Embrace the horror!

...but obviously "may Cthulhu eat this house first" wouldn't work as well for a parody of a blessing and would puzzle even more those ungodly people who haven't heard of Cthulhu.