This is a maze solving robot I've been working on for our annual robotic competition. Some parts are bought and some parts were lying around collecting dust. So here is my instructables to make a decent maze solving robot. I will be adding steps as I make progress and this will be my first post, so bare with me. Feel free to add your suggestions and feedbacks to improve this robot as i will be keep working on it...

Step 1: Parts

1, Kid Galaxy Toy that was lying around, I've decided to take its wheel platform as the base for the robot. You could make your own if you prefer so, but make sure you dont hook the wheels directly to the dc motor as there wouldnt be enough torque to carry the payloads and your mice will stall  and eat your battery juice(learned this hard way from my very first prototype). add gears to generate torque. This toy base seems to have  good gear system for a decent torque and speed for the competiton. two wheels on both sides are linked so they rotates same direction using one motor, other side is the same and have another dedicate motor. so two motors to control two individual sides. In fact, I noticed, the professionals in International Micromouse competitions use the same drive method.

2, Arduino UNO [Amazon]

3, Adafruit Motorshield for the UNO [Amazon]

4, Parallax 3-Axis gyro [Parallax]

5, Parallax Ping))) ultrasonic sensor ( x 3) [Parallax]

6, 12x12 Acrylic sheet (1/16 in) [ Lowe's]

7, 3/4in standoffs [Radioshack]

8, 9V battery holder (x 2) (im using two batteries, one to power the motors, and another to power everything else)

9, some nuts and bolts.  [Lowe's]

I will add more details for the listed parts soon....
Can you share the code please?<br>I make similar robot too, but i get confusing about the code. <br>rabmusuke@gmail.com
<p>Could you share your circuit and diagram with me? Please send me via my email: ansarithan@gmail.com</p>

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