Step 2: The Theory Part 2

Ok so now you have a path. In this case it is "LBLLBSR", but how does the robot change that into the correct path? Well lets take a look at what the correct path would be. Look at the photos for the correct path.

Final correct path = SRR

So we need our path to go from LBLLBSR to the right path that is SRR. To start off we look at where we went wrong. A "B" indicates the robot turned around meaning it went down the wrong path. To optimize the path we have to get rid of the "B" by using some substitution. 
<p>Hi sir, i want to ask that u have used a polulo booster in your final version ,than why u set the voltage to 6 volt.</p><p>you wanted that or is it necessary?</p><p>Can i convert the output of voltage booster to 9 volt and than give it to motors. </p><p>Sir, please reply , i want to make this.</p><p>Thanks a lot.</p>
Nice instructables<br>I hv a question<br>Which pair of sensor is better wheater ir led+photodiode or Led+LDR ?
<p>Can u send me the coding pls </p><p>196naveen@gmail.com here is my mail</p>
<p>Dear Patrick,</p><p>Nice work !!!</p><p>I'm trying to make this robot but getting problem with related to algo i think there is some error in code. can you send me the modified code so ill complete my project.</p>
<p>hello sir can u tell the pin configuration of the ir sensor array..</p><p>reply me at 196naveen@gmail.com</p>
Can u send me the coding pls <br>devyankshaw68@gmail.com here is my mail<br>
<p>can we use gear less motor ???</p>
<p>can you send me the code please murali.kota13@gmail.com</p>
<p>Sir,I had tried working Hard to make this BOT and it turned out pretty well.It took more than a month and a half to make it.Finally made it.I just made minute changes in the code.The results were actually amazing.....here is the link of the vid.....Sorry about the middle finger in the video.Those were for my friends they thought that I couldn't make it.....Would soon write Instructable on it....Thank you for this....</p><p><a href="https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B-f1xWTJwulda2QwQVYwMm1scXM&authuser=0" rel="nofollow">https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B-f1xWTJwulda2Qw...</a></p>
<p>can you please give me the code <br></p><p>danarnamely@gmail.com</p>
<p>can you send me the code plsssssssssssssssss</p>
<p>DId you get the code if so please send to me. The code he has posted doesnt work. My robot doesnt move at all once i set it down.</p><p>darwynnmcpherson@ymail.co</p>
<p>can u send me the code at amannullah3@gmail.com</p>
<p>can you please give me the code. i have tried making my robot find the shortest path. i would appreciate some help.</p><p>please mail the code alokgrao@gmail.com</p><p>thanks</p>
<p>BTW Ajay, where did you find those sensor arrays?</p>
<p>pololu.com qtr-8ra I think is the model number for the analog sensors.</p>
<p>Nice job!</p>
<p>Can I have the code? I need it to move on.</p>
<p>I made this robot but it does not do that most important thing. It doesnt even move. I have posted so many times under this project and received no help. I made sure i followed the steps identically. </p>
Hii sir can you send me the full code because I'm trying to making this my email id is pratikjaiswal.pj28@gmail.com<br>Thanks in advance
<p>Did they send you the code?</p>
<p>if there are white lines and black background instead of black lines and white background where i have to make changes in program..</p>
<p>have u got the solution of this question of your's?? if yes please tell me.</p><p>thank you.</p>
<p>Any luck i built this thing exactly like he did and it cuts on but doesnt even move</p>
<p>Do not bother trying to use DorkBot beause i have tried 25 times creating an account and getting approved so that they can print me a circuit board using the files patrickmccb provided. Oh and his files are Eagle files in which most manufactors wont except as he failed to mention. You will have to manually convert these files into Gerber files in order for manufactors to service you. Just download Eagle Cam Software and look at this Yourube Video &quot;</p><p>https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oXWwHbusicM</p><p>&quot; </p>
<p>Where do we get those clear square plastic platforms you have in the image. I do not see this on the things to get list. </p>
<p>Home Deport. </p>
<p>Can the arduino Nano be used in place of the ATMEGA328???</p>
<p>The Nano houses the AT3MEGA on the board it can be detached. </p>
<p>Does the chassis material have to be clear. Our 3d Printer does not print acrylic. Only colored material, atleast that is what my instructor tells me</p>
<p>Answering my own questions smh:</p><p>Yes, it needs to be clear acrylic. Also the machine that is used does not support the file format patrikmccb has provided. You would have to convert it to a different file depending on the machine. </p>
<p>hello. i would ask if you sell it and how much it will cost? </p><p>ty. </p><p>answer pls when you have time (dolgopolii@gmail.com)</p>
<p>can you give me the size of the case pls... i need it for do the design on my 3D print. tanks a lot</p>
<p>What kind of changes do i need to make in my program if i want my robot to follow white line???</p><p>thank you. </p>
Oppsite of black line<br>
<p>sir,i have ardino uno and moter driver can i make these type of bot using these parts </p>
Can any one share the code of maze solver?? Pls
<p>hey i want to make this bot solve a maze thats not for streight lines but for curved lines. what all changes will be there?</p>
<p>To be honest the code is written pretty .. ehm .. *not-so-nice-words* ... BUT when I will find the part about optimizing to ideal route it will surely be helpful and I thank you for that.<br>....<br>we are doing a school project where we have similar robot and we are navigating it through complete mess of loops, dead ends, loops and dead end loops and .. did I mention loops? </p>
<p>Please! You can for mo know: What software to read file &quot;pde&quot; :((</p>
<p>hello,mr.admin,i want to make this project,can you plz provide me the proper circuit of this line maze solver robot working over arudino and its master programing as soon as possible,it will be great help admin</p>
Mr Patric, I like your project. I want to make it but haven't analogsensor. can I use Digital sensor QTR-8RC
<p>I made this robot but with slightly different parts, (used uno and 12v motor).</p><p>The problem is that my bot is not running fine. While debugging and viewing the output of rightcenter sensor the reading is constant at 1023 and does not change regardless of what I do. </p><p>I think the sensor is faulty.</p>
<p>I made this robot but with slightly different parts, (used uno and 12v motor).</p><p>The problem is that my bot is not running fine. While debugging and viewing the output of rightcenter sensor the reading is constant at 1023 and does not change regardless of what I do. </p><p>I think the sensor is faulty.</p>
<p>very helpful post..thanks !</p>
<p>Got code?</p>
<p>i want to know how would i convert the long path &quot;LLLBSR.....&quot;</p><p>into the direct path in coding</p><p>and thanks for this great post</p>
<p>Now make it so you can place the robot on any point of the maze after it has found the end and it works out where in the maze it is (drives around until it finds a bit it recognizes) then drives straight to the exit once it has got its bearings.</p>
<p>well, the instructions were pretty useful but i am facing a problem with this.</p><p>what should i do if a maze have a single solution(exit) but multiple paths. my bot used two different paths when i used right and left in different runs.</p><p>and definitely the both the paths are of different lengths hence not traversing the shortest one.</p>

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