Maze Solving Robot

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Step 7: The Arduino

The first thing you should do in this step is follow the instructions to assemble your RBBB. Those instructions are available here. You will need to snip part of the board off like it says you can do at the bottom of the instructions because you will not be needing it.  "If you dont’ need the power jack or regulator just snip them both off. The easiest way to cut the board is with a large pair of tin snips, but hack saws, jewelers saws and band saws also work well." Do not solder any headers onto the board besides the ones used for the FTDI programming port. 

Next solder a 9 pin strip of female headers on the left side of the board from pins labeled "5v" to "A0". This will mate with the sensor plug later. Solder a 4 pin strip of female headers on the right side of the board from pins labeled "D5" to "D8". These pins will be used to control the motor controller. Finally solder a 2 pin strip of female headers on the front right of the board on the GND and 5V pins. These will supply power to the motor controller.

You can ignore the fact that the motor controller and top deck in the photos. We will get to those.

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