Step 9: The Sensor

Picture of The Sensor
The sensor comes as an array of 8 sensors. There are 2 on the end that can be removed and need to be removed. I used a pair of side cutters to do this. A 9 pin strip of female headers has to be soldered on to the sensor from "GND" to pin "6" of the sensor. I then plugged in a strip of male headers.

These sensors put out an analog voltage based on how much IR light is being reflected back. We can use these to detect the white and black areas on the maze. The sensor outputs a low voltage near 0V if the sensor detects a white surface. The sensor outputs a voltage near VIN if it detects a dark surface. 

maximeke24 years ago
Can you please give me some information about your sensor? Does it use LEDs or infrared, and also the type/datasheet of emitter/transmitter?
patrickmccb (author)  maximeke24 years ago
On the first page of the instructable I provided the links to all of the different parts, including this one. Here is the link where you can find more information about it http://www.pololu.com/catalog/product/960
oops... I was just looking for the sensor and didn't read it. Sorry about that