Step 1: Requirements

The requirements are really simple, and can be foraged from your catch-all drawer:

Hello Kitty McDonalds Watch (I used the square brown one because it best fits my tastes)
Craft knife
Triangular head screwdriver (you can make your own! thanks to adrianmonk) or a pair of pliers with a triangular end that will fit into the screw.
Printout of a picture you like (more later)
Keychain mechanism (doesn't matter what type you use, I used a d clip and a plastic clip from my work badge, you could easily recycle an old keychain instead)
Unfortunately, they seem to have different toys in different countries. The current UK toys are small stuffed dogs.
so youre english too! great! it seems that noone apart from me and you is!<br />
Oh, you'd be surprised.<br /> <br /> Lemonie, gmjhowe, Roger-X, Jayfuu, Plasmana has moved here, Stinkymum is an honorary Brit, Scoochmaroo's other half is a Brit... we make up the majority of Non-US members.<br /> <br /> <br />
And I'm Australian! And proud! And no, we don't ride kangaroos to school, that's what buses are for.
ah yeah we do! mine is named bouncy HMice
I'm non-US =)... Im Canadian -.-... lol... yeah and i comment on more than a year old comments... im pro like that =) At least my ancestors (is that the word?) were Brit... actually my parents were immigrants from China... but i like to call myself Canadian ;P and isnt the US technically Brit too? they came from the.. uhm... 10 colonies?? &lt;-- i think thats what its called.. anyways.. i'm bored....
Stuffed dogs, maybe hidden flashdrives?
Here there are some weird nickelodeon toys ...
Awesome! Domo looks way better than a boring old cat!
:(&nbsp;they fit my wrists!<br />
Interesting, interesting... Could you perhaps make it solar too?? I'll be checking out my local mc'd's as I have a few friends that work there, i'll see what I can do.
You could also run it from one my aluminum foil or MFC thingies...Should be plenty of juice for this application...<br />
I'm almost done uber modding one of these, ur instructable helped a TON! Thanks, and I'll post a slideshow of the finished product soon!
Sweet! I'd love to see what you've done with it! I've been thinking of making another steampunk edition, and I would love to see what you have done! Send me a pm when you do!
This is one of the coolest simple projects I've seen in a long time. +5 Geek cred for appropriate use of Domo-kun. <br/><br/>5 stars, fav'd, <em>and</em> I'm going to be ordering a little girl happy meal the next time I go to McD's.<br/>
Cool. Everyone loves moderately portioned girl themed meals.
Domo is for girls?
Nope, purely for geeks and people under seven.
The watch may look awesome, but underneath it's still a cheap piece of giveaway crap. L
The digital watch piece inside is so finnicky that if you remove it, it glitches out. Not to mention it gives instructions on how to set the time, which don't work out.
You're confirming that the digital watch mechanism is of a low quality? L

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