McDonald's Wasp Trap!





Introduction: McDonald's Wasp Trap!

This is a very simple Instructable for a quick and simple wasp trap using a McDonald's McCafé Iced Mango or any of their fruity flavors....

Step 1: Drink!

Consume about 3/4's of the drink......

Step 2: Flip Your Lid

Invert the lid.....

Step 3: Job Done!

Sit back and wait.......



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    In reference to the wasps in your carport, Lowe's sells an inexpensive can of wasp & hornet spray, a citrus mix of sorts, and it shoots a long distance...with immediate knockdown effect. If you wait until all the wasps return to their nest in the evening, turn loose a stream of the wasp spray and they will fall dead in a pile. Soak the nest and pull it down after at least 24 hours. The label notes that it is harmful to will kill any wasps that return to the nest the next day. Make sure to read the label, but it has worked great for me. On the other hand, I am going to try this idea out (wasps are too stupid to figure out how to crawl back out of the hole in the lid). Hope this helps.

    What a fabulous idea. I've fiddled around with heaps of different fly etc traps. Will try this one, can't argue with your dead critters! Thanks.

    To evacuate a nest of yellow jackets, get out your shop vac, add a tube that will extend the wand to about ten feet, turn on the vac and probe the nest with the wand. The yellow jackets will "attack" the end of the tube and get sucked in. I've done this a number of times and have never been stung--they are focused on the tube, not on the human holding it. In my experience the trip down the tube and the corrugated hose into the shop vac kills them, and I've never had any trouble with them escaping. To be safe, I stick a little tape over the end of the hose after the deed is done, and leave it for a day or two. A friend suggested sealing the bag and submerging it, but I have never found that necessary. Once they're out, you can destroy the nest.

    Absolutely terrific!!!! My cat greets at all the things that fly about but does nothing about it (I think I'm kind of thankful...) and I'm disabled and can't really chase things...but this has worked a treat!!!

    Why? There's too many humans on the planet, arent there?

    Excellent - thanks for sharing this! I tend to over-engineer solutions to problems, and the most simple, direct route to a solution is most often best. I'll be giving this a try!

    Ignorance is bliss. I am a beekeeper and a member of the local beekeepers club. I can assure this trap will not hurt honeybees, carpenter bees, or other non-agressive bees. I have yellow jacket traps made similar to this and have never trapped anything other than yellow jackets. Chill dude.

    I second the above apiarist. Oh and 10 hornets can kill an entire hive of bees.

    Thank you for real and useful information. I would never want to harm bees, but wasps are holding me hostage in my house because they have built several nests in my carport. I have been in anaphylatic shock 3 times from stings from wasps and fire ants, and the last time was nearly fatal. My tongue and lips were hugely swollen, and my throat nearly completely swollen shut by the time I got to a hospital, and I had to be intubated and kept on life support for hours. This is not funny stuff, but for some of us, deadly.

    Borrow a beekeeper's equipment (wire mesh mask with a hood plus gloves) a stick and a metal bucket. Ideally, wait until it's freezing cold outside. Go scrape those nests with the stick into the bucket, pour some motor oil (not gasoline!) into the bucket, and burn the nests. Chances are good you'll no longer have wasps around for a while. If your area is for some reason wasp-friendly, they'll probably return, but you can always repeat the process.

    And yes, as one whose grandfather was a beekeeper, who has worked with bees since childhood, I hate wasps, and have no problem killing them.