Mcpe BBQ





Introduction: Mcpe BBQ

About: A Boy That Loves Video Gaming

Step 1: Wheels

Step 2: Body

Step 3: Grill

Step 4: Fire

Step 5: Cool Back Make What in Pics

Step 6: Back View of BBQ

Step 7: Put Out the Fire And...




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    Um u need diamonds and obsidian u need 12 obsidian for that to make the nether portal I only have gold,iron,stone,redstone

    Yeah it's a nice survival trick but where do you get the netherack?

    1 reply

    This does actually work, you drop your raw food in, and then you get close to it, pick it up, and you got some steak!

    How dare you! My BBQ is fine!

    It WOULD work if you'd put slabs on top of the fire , drop raw meat on slabs and wait ,you'd get cooked stuff .
    But this is very simple and short , it would be better to gather 10-12 of these and present as a single instructable .

    Hi guys hop you like my BBQ lol
    Idk if u like it or not?!?!