Mcpe Duplication Glitch




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Introduction: Mcpe Duplication Glitch

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Step 1: 2 Items

Get two of whatever item u want and place it in the first box of your hot bar. It does not work with tools or armor .

Step 2: Hold the Second Box of Your Hot Bar

And u should get 3-5-8-13-21-34-55-64,25



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    It does not work for my iPad even though I emptied my inventory and took out items fresh and did the steps. Im on the newest pocket edition version...

    So cool!

    So cool!

    You welcome I used it so much that I have nothing else to do now

    is it a specific version of poket esition? doesn't seem to be working on my SGNote3

    1 reply

    it work perfectly just needed to empty my inventory fully then take the 2 items out fresh. cracking thanks

    No I have reg pocket edition on my kindle fire