Me Visiting Erik Beck from Indy Mogul

Recently, I took a trip to NY. I called NNN and arranged a tour. The co-producer, Ryan Nugent, led us through the building and to all the editing, green screen, and prop rooms. Erik Beck was really nice. He let me try on the wolverine claws and spin the wheel of prosperity! Then we talked about the show and he autographed a piece of paper, gave me an exclusive poster and thanked us cordially. It was the greatest day ever!
InvaderIggy3 years ago
KnexFreek4 years ago


dude................................ AWSOME!!!!!!  i will buy the autograph of u for 1 zillion dollars
whats NNN
M4industries (author)  stufffedkitty4 years ago
NNN is an abbreviation for Next New Networks, the company that hosts the show and others like Threadbanger, Channel Frederator, and Vod Cars.
dude thats sick! on a side note i know a Ryan Nugent too... you dont happen to live in Colorado do you?
M4industries (author)  hello people4 years ago
No, Jacksonville, FL.
haha i guess they are everywhere, i saw a movie and some guy in the credits was a Ryan Nugent..
That's awesome! I wonder why he doesn't post his videos here anymore (or am I just missing them?).
M4industries (author)  Weissensteinburg4 years ago
The actual Indy Mogul site is teeming with his how-to videos, he recently made a prop tommy gun!
canida4 years ago
Sweet! IndyMogul is awesome. Did you get to try the chainsaw arm?
M4industries (author)  canida4 years ago
No, for some reason, the chainsaw arm wasnt on the wall. But a new duct tape stunt dummy was sitting in the corner.

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